The Importance of Creativity and Fun When Learning

You could be feeling happy when you see your preschool Singapore kid enjoying herself fingerprinting with colors. You might feel even more amused when you ask her what she is making and she simply shrugs. So, it is clear that even she has not given much thought about it. Kids simply love to paint and color on paper or sprinkling glitter and the way their brush moves when they are at their creative best. Most of the time, preschoolers and toddlers are not as self-conscious as adults and older kids about creating a particular product. Many experts feel that kids do much better in the long run when they are given free reign to express themselves.

Ways to encourage creativity

Do not suggest changes

After your kid completes her pieces, do not tell her to changes or add something new to it. Your kid should feel that whatever she has created is adequate, though it could only be a single dot on a page.

Avoid drawing with your kid

If parents try to draw a representational piece while the kid is sketching, the latter could become frustrated. So it makes sense to stay close to her and make her feel that you are both supportive and interested in her art.

Show interest in your kid’s art

The aptest way of inspiring conversation about the art of your little one is to ask her some simple questions like did she enjoy making it? Or asking her what she has made.

Be ready to handle the mess

Create a space which is suitable for your little one to get messy and explore her art. Put a newspaper or a cloth in your garage or on the kitchen table. In case the weather is ok, you can allow the children to paint outside.

Try not to give directions

It is better not to direct your kid of what she should draw and how she should draw. So, rather than telling her to draw a zoo, inspire her to explore the option of mixing different colors using various kinds of paper and brushes. Preschools in Singapore help a great deal in doing this.

Discuss particularly about art with your little one

Whenever you speak to your little one about her artwork, you should make sure that you are precise with your comments. An example of this is rather than using a generic phrase, you can tell your child that you think that a particular color has been used in excess. Ask her why she selected that color.

Activities for Your Two Year Old at a Play Group

The most important task for playgroups in Singapore is the fact that children. especially 2-year olds, cannot sit quiet for even a minute. Hence, always having a range of activities available to them is very important. Here is a list of activities that would make it easier for the attendants in the Singapore playgroups to keep the kids busy.

Educational Activities

1. Simple questions like “how long is the string?” or “how high is the slide?” can instil a sense of measurement into the children.

2. Writing letters seems like studies, which most children will run away from. An easier way to teach alphabets is to use play dough to make them.

3. Simple science can be taught by showing them reactions between vinegar and baking soda; it will seem just like magic.

4. Play around with musical instruments. Just be careful to get the kids toy instruments.

5. Playing with a few coloured balls and a muffin tray can help them learn colours.

Entertaining Activities

Playgroups, by definition, should be more play less studies. Being silly with the children can keep them occupied for a long time.

1. Make funny faces with play dough.

2. Create a ball pit using squishy balls for added fun.

3. Encourage many art and craft activities.

Developmental Activities

1. Making straw bracelets using pieces of straw and string is a very good activity. The threading of the straw onto the string helps in developing fine motor skills in the child.

2. Play a game of balance on a plank of wood i.e. a balance beam. Just make sure that the children do not get hurt.

3. Use ice-cream sticks or Velcro dots to make 3D structures.

4. Make a collage of all the things made by them or maybe just random pictures of themselves.

Fun Activities

1. Make a light box and let the children interact with it.

2. Make sculptures using big beads and pipe cleaners. This is a great way to improve imagination.

3. Go for a short hike around the neighbourhood and explore the plants and animals that they see. Take notice of the insects on the plants.

4. Make glitter slime with the children and then later let them play with the slime.

These are all simple ways in which the children can be kept busy and at the same time taught something.

What Kind of Learning Environment Is Ideal for Your Child’s First Preschool?

When your child enters his first preschool, you as the parent want only the best learning experience and environment for your child’s optimum educational and cognitive development. After all, every parent wants his or her kid to excel and be better than the rest.

Preschool is also known as kindergarten or nursery school, depending on which part of the world you live in. It is the stepping stone for your child’s mental, emotional, cognitive and personality development and will prepare him for his 1st grade. Preschool is for children between the ages of 3 and 5. At this tender age, they must be exposed to a little bit of learning as well as fun at the same time.

What should be followed in an ideal learning environment?

The four basic principles for an ideal learning environment at your child’s first preschool are – playing, exploring, thinking and applying learning. Playing is of course what every child loves to do with other children their age and learning while playing makes things even more fun. The children must be exposed hands-on to different kinds of games and activities that will help them learn the basics of English and mathematics.


Exploring is the next activity that should be included in your child’s preschool to ensure that he experiences optimum learning. The teachers should organize games by hiding objects in the classroom and the children must be organized into teams to find them or be allowed to find them individually. They must explore and navigate through their surroundings to make connections and discoveries.


Thinking is another prerequisite for a good learning environment at your child’s playgroup. Your child must be given simple problems to solve and must be allowed to come up with solutions on their own without the help of the teachers. Or the child can form teams with the other children in the classroom and put their heads together to find effective solutions to the problems put forth to them. Letting the children think for themselves and find answers to problems on their own can help develop their mental thinking and reasoning skills.

Applying learning

Applying learning is the last prerequisite to a good learning environment at a preschool. The child must be able to apply whatever he has learned at preschool to the problems put forth before him. Playgroup Singapore schools should consider these four important elements in their preschools to make the child’s learning experience completely effective.

Rules for Finding Best Caretaker for Your Little Child

These days, most mothers are part of the workforce so it becomes difficult for them to look after their little kids. A survey shows that in America, 1 in 4 babies are being looked after by a caretaker instead of a parent so in such cases, it becomes important to make a careful selection for a caretaker. Although there are many day care centres or home caregivers present in almost all cities, parents need to ensure that their child is being treated perfectly in emotional as well as physical terms.

Here are a few rules that you must follow for selection for best caregiver for your child:

Importance of caregiver:

First of all, you need to understand the importance of having a quality child care facility. Research has proven that caregivers have a direct effect on the overall growth of children including their physical, emotional and cognitive development. A good care giver can always ensure safety, warmth and are in charge of feeding to your child. The brain of a child grows by 90% before he crosses 3 years old so at that time, he/she needs to be in caring hands.

Enquire well:

Most parents select a nanny or day care centre at a mandarin playgroup without making many enquiries but mandarin playgroups suggest asking enough questions to be assured about the best care of your child. Check their previous records, analyse their behaviour and visualize their activities to alleviate your doubts.

Growth Environment:

Ensure that your child is getting proper environment for growth and his needs are well fulfilled. As your little master is in his development stage, his life should not be restricted for any reason; the care giver must nurture his creativity and independence in a better manner while interacting in a smooth manner.

Communicate your child’s needs:

Before you appoint someone, it is good to let them know what you are expecting from their work. It is good to have a care giver who is trained in looking after children and parents can realise this fact from interviews, trial periods and reference calls.

Have some sudden checks:

It is good to organise some sudden checks on your child’€™s care giver so that you can make sure that everything goes fine when you are not there. If you are leaving your kid at a day care centre, then make sure that your child gets time to play with other kids of the same age and the care givers stay involved in all activities.

It is not good to compromise your child’€™s care because some wrong steps at this stage may cause harmful results in the long run. If a child does not receive proper care in their development stage, he will not be able to perform well later on. Make sure that your child gets the right food items to eat, proper space for playing and is being cared for whenever he needs someone around.

How to Make Your Child’€™s First Birthday Memorable

For your baby’s first birthday, you decide to call some of your close friends and family members for the occasion as it is supposed to be a big birthday bash. There is no doubt that the first birthday of a child is much more special for his/her parents as they are going to remember all the good and bad times they faced to raise their first baby and it will bring about mixed feelings.

Those who are planning ahead for a party to celebrate their child’s first birthday are advised to follow these guidelines for making it a successful gathering:

Decide who to invite

One important to remember is that your little kid may not be familiar with all your connections and it is quite obvious that he might have a fear of crowds at this early stage of life. So here comes the important part: you need to make be aware of the consequences before you make a list of guests for the day; always call the dear and near ones only and make it a low budget party to avoid all undesired situations.

How much you need to spend

A survey shows that the first birthday of your little kids can be celebrated with a low budget. Generally, as per a recent survey, almost 61 percent parents spend 200 dollars or less for such celebrations whereas 25 percent of parents go up to $500 and only 11 percent with a target more than $500. As advised by child care centres in Singapore, it is good to have a small celebration at this particular age because your baby is never going to complain about it. All that matters is the happiness of your family for completing this one year with your child. Don’€™t go for things that you cannot afford because it is not meant to be a day for showing off. It is more valuable as a day of love and happiness for a family.

Set the right time:

Kids at this age group usually have fixed timings for sleeping, eating and playing, etc. If you are planning for a get together at home, then it would be better to choose a time slot that does not create disturbances with the regular routines of your child.

Also, if you are thinking of inviting other kids to the party, it again becomes your responsibility to not disrupt their nap schedules. It is often observed that when one of these kids starts crying due to any reason, it triggers the rest of the children to start crying and it will create a tough environment for all parents present.

It is probably good to set a time for your kid is having his nap and make sure that he/she is not disturbed by the noise of the guests. At this stage, a child is more likely to lead a life full of rest instead of fun and entertainment; so plan everything in such a manner that your kid stays happy and well-rested till the end.

Why People Love The Fish Ball Noodle Dish

There are many dishes in Singapore that really stand out. However, it is the fish ball noodle dish that folks really rave about because of a number of reasons. Of course, this depends on the ingredients and the way in which the dish is prepared. It obviously tastes so much better when it is freshly prepared, so this is something to look out for.

You also have to look out for the right type of noodles that accompany the dish that has not been overcooked so that they don’t become soggy. They should not be too dry because this will spoil the dish. If you go to an authentic restaurant in Singapore, for example, you shouldn’t have a problem with this. You will also probably find that it has been cooked to perfection when you go somewhere traditional.

The flavors combined with a little chili can go especially well with this dish, but you have to make sure that it is not overpowering. This is important because you have to be able to taste each of the flavors. The flavors are blended together in the fish balls as well as in the sauce, and it will vary whether you are making a main dish with noodles or whether it is a soup you are making.

Although it can be difficult to overcook the fish balls, it is important to remember not to under-cook them. You also have to take the portion sizes into consideration, keeping them the same size, and making sure that you are generous in your serving sizes at the same time. Many people believe that a soup like this should have a slight sweetness to it.

The fish you are using obviously needs to be fresh and of a good quality. This will make all of the difference at the end of the day. It will help when you are making the balls and trying to shape them quickly.

When you have not tried this type of cuisine, you will hear most of the locals recommend this particular dish as it is a classic and definitely a favorite. At first glance, it can look a little boring and something that you may want to skip on the menu, but the flavors all come together well and when served with the noodles, you will find that this simply adds to the texture, especially when seasoned in the traditional fashion with the classic sauce.

Tips For Making The Best Meatball

You can eat your meat in various ways thanks to the advanced cooking methods. If you are looking for the inexpensive blank canvas, then think of making the meatballs. The procedure is simple, and you do not require specialized knowledge to understand it. Take some ground meat, add seasonings, form them into cute little balls, and then cook. If you like the meal glazed, crispy, or simmered in the sauce, the process is easy, and you will come up with a delicious dish. Outlined below are steps to take when putting them together to cook the best meatball .

The ground meat used for the cooking is specific and not any meat. Fattier meats like lamb, pork, and beef will produce more tender balls. For leaner meats like turkey or chicken, be cautious when preparing it and ensure you do not overcook it to avoid them becoming tough. To get a great yield, choose a blend of various ground meats.

Keep ingredients under controlled temperature. Ensure that the fat does not melt or break down. Use a chilled bowl to make the mixture. Add the pre-cooked components like onions when the mixture is not hot. Also, ensure that all the utensils are clean and dry.

Add moisture to your mixture. The proteins from the meat will make it shrink after you cook it and these results to tough meatballs. Chefs use binders and eggs to keep it tender and moist. Mix the eggs and binders with the milk. Your combination should be thin for it to stick on the balls to give you the best of meatball.

Before forming the required balls, remember to taste the solution for seasoning. Do not eat raw meat it is harmful to your health. Consider placing little test patty in a pan for deep frying to cook some pieces for tasting. Determine whether to adjust the seasoning by adding spices, salt, or herbs. Make them as per your taste.

Oil your hands to ensure the solution does not stick to them. Form the substances in a gentle and quick way. Use the small ice cream scoop to come up with uniformly-sized products. For commercial purposes, ensure they are of the same shape and size. Customers will always want to buy the big ones for less.

Bake them rather than frying. To obtain the delicious browning on their outside, just broil or bake them. The approach is easy, quick and spatters free. Many professionals discourage placing them in spattering oil due to the splashing oil.

Out-of-This World Amazing Minced Pork Noodles Recipes

Hawkers use the name Bak Chor Mee to refer to one of the most popular culinary delights in Singapore. Bak Chor Mee exists in many versions in the different nations across S. E Asia. Nations like Thailand, Malaysia and even the Philippines all have their unique recipes when it comes to preparing the culinary treat. That must-have famous dish in Singapore is the minced pork noodles.

One needs the right set of ingredients to make it. The key ingredients necessary include dried Mee Pok/ Mee Kia egg-based noodles. Light and dark Soya sauce, lard, Shallot oil, garlic and vegetable oil. Black vinegar, chili paste and ketchup, gravy from braised mushrooms, pig bone soup. Additionally, the individual requires minced pig meat, loins/shoulders, pig liver and white pepper.

Use of the mushrooms is optional. They require dried Shiitake mushrooms soaked overnight to tenderize them. The sauces needed are Oyster sauce, fish sauce. The recipe also calls for toasted sesame oil for seasoning, sugar and of course water. For toppings and garnishing, one requires pork balls, fish balls and cakes, lettuce, dried sole fish and finely chopped spring onions. The cook has to have pig bones, soya beans and Ikan Bilis(anchovies) to act as base for the soup.

Boiling the noodles for 4 minutes and then drain off the making the best bak chor mee meals ever water. Heat the wok over extremely high heat. Add your preferred cooking oils and keep on swirling the pot to get oil on all the sides. Put in the chopped gingers and onions. Pour the minced pork, cooking wine and any other preferred sauce in the mixture. Cook for 2-3 minutes as the meat turns brown in color.

Cook the sauce for an additional 3 minutes over high heat. Pour in the remaining ginger, onions, soy sauce, salt and the anchovies. Stir the mixture for half a minute and then cut off the heat. Take out the wok and clean it. Turn on the heat and add a couple of bowls of water. Wait for the water to boil and throw in the noodles to the wok. Keep on adding water every time the broth boils.

After adding water twice, throw in the green vegetables. Wait for ten seconds and turn off the heat once more. Now separate the noodles from the wok and place them in the serving plates. Place the cabbages, lettuces and other vegetables on top of the dish. Having hot chili sauces is also an excellent idea.

A side sauce made using mushroom soup serves to enhance the flavor and taste of the dish. Using a serving spoon, pour the pork sauce on one side of the plate containing the main dish. Make the presentation attractive and mouth-watering by avoiding covering the steamed veggies. The delicacy is now ready to eat.